Financial solutions

In addition to shipmanagement, Chartworld has a significant presence in the field of leasing.

With extensive expertise in various financial structures Chartworld is willing and able to offer solutions to third parties to complement capital needs.

We enter into agreements of various profiles, whether an owner simply wishes to change its capital structure by selling vessels but continue to enjoy use of the assets, assisting owners or financiers with loans at times of unfavourable markets, or entering into JVs with the purpose of sharing risk and upside.

In a typical sale and lease back arrangement, Chartworld would purchase the vessel from its present owner and lease it back to the seller under bareboat charter terms, for an agreed period. At the end of such period there would be a pre-agreed purchase obligation or a purchase option on the lessee, or alternatively the vessel would remain under the ownership of the lessor.

The profile of each transaction will differ depending on counterparty needs and its nature of business.